Monday, August 20, 2007

We are finally home!

Greetings from home in the USA!! Happy to report there is now one more citizen. The 3 flights and 24 hours it took to get us here were no picnic, but we made it! Jude did pretty well. Had a little trouble sleeping on the 12 hours from Tokyo to Detroit, but he was trooper. We had to literally run to make a couple flights and the folks that work in Customs and Immigration Services were unhelpful to put it mildly. Thankfully, my brother and his family was there at the gate in KC to welcome us home! Jude didn't quite no what to think about the whole thing at first, but by the time we made it to the cars with all our luggage, he had decided he really liked his new family! His cousins were a big hit, just as I knew they would be. Ian taught Jude how to draw stick figures on the ride home. Nathaniel was soaking up every bit of Chinese I could teach him so he could make Jude feel more at home. Hannah was so excited to finally meet her new cousin that the very first thing she said when she saw us was "I'm sitting by you and Jude in the car!" Apparently there had been quite a bit of debate among the kids on who got this prized position. Jude and Hannah are about the same size and both have fine features. I just know they will be mistaken for twins more thatn once! :)
Jude was very excited to see his new home or jia in Chinese. And the look on his face was pure joy. He started in on his room ful of toys right away. He is still sleeping in my bed, though, just for a bit longer til he is settled. Today we played and played. But the biggest news of all is that he met my Chihuahua, Cookie. Started out terrified, and his Poppy wanted to take Cookie back to his house right away. I don't know who was more apprehensive! But Mama knows best, right? After a few hours of watching her out in the yard, then on the deck then feeding her treats and finally getting up the nerve to pet her, I though that was a great start. But my little guy is full of surprises. Once he was all tucked into bed he asked if Cookie could come into the bedroom with us! So in she came, just to sleep on the floor. She wandered all around, no doubt looking for my other pup, Lamby. But then she settled right down on her pillow beside the bed and went to sleep. Then Jude followed her lead and fell asleep as well. Amazing! Now I have to say that good old Lamby may not be such a fast friend. He will be so excited to meet Jude and will no doubt want to jump and lick and play. Uh, I don't think we are quite yet to that level. But it just has to be soon because I miss my Lamb dog like crazy and I know he would never hurt Jude. We shall see what tomorrow brings. The little neighbor came over to ask if Jude could play but he brought over his poodle, and Jude was havin none of that!
Jude is so smart. You can actually see him learning all the time. Torrow I think we will get out the play-doh and also maybe set up his play tent in the living room. Eventually we will venture out of the house, but I want to wait til he is settled just a bit more.

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