Thursday, August 9, 2007

Glad to be back in Shenyang!!

Whew! Just got back to Shenyang, the capital city of the province, Liaoning, and man are we glad to be back. The last two days we were in Jude's home town of Anshan. No bueno. Hotel and the town in general were like the twilight zone and not in a good way. The hotel was an OVEN. Sorry, but we could not post from there. We did however get to go to Jude's orphanage yesterday. That was a very hard thing to see. All those precious angels with out homes. It was clean and the kids were well cared for, but very austere. I never saw the nannies hug the children at all. When we took out a sack of little beanie babies, we were swarmed!! The kids were every where, pushing, taking things from each other, mass hysteria. The nannies didn't react at all. That explained a lot to us about JUde's behavior. He has not concept of social graces. He was never taught how to be out in the world. We took him to a gocery store (huge, by the way) and he had never seen so much food. Today he had ice cream for the first time. LOVED IT! He is like a toddler in that all this is completely new to him. But he is simply amazing. So sweet and so very in love with his mama. My parents took him for a walk about 5am today so I could maybe finally get some rest. He had a melt down, screaming for mama. So now he will rarely let me out of his sight for even 2 minutes. He had to sit in the bathroom while I showered! Just not completely sure this whole thing is for keeps yet. Even though has had absolutely nothing of his own his whole life, he is extremely generous. Brings mama water and food very often. Sleeps with mama. Eventually :) The hotel here is very very nice and the staff is great. There is a jumbo store right across the street and also a street market right outside. One thing we don't do is cross the street. You just cannot imagine how people drive here! Dude, seriously. It is just unreal. There are soooooo many people!!! This country has ONE BILLION MORE people that the USA. Yeah I said MORE. Packed and stacked everywhere. And humid. Much more that even Missouri! ;)
Jude is picking up english already. He loves to sing. We sing Jesus LOves Me, ABCs, and The Muffin Man over and over. He already knows the tunes and some of the words. And he can say his #s up to 6. Just learned that today! I taught him to rub his tummy and say "yummy" when he eats somethin he likes. So Smart. Grandma is running out of tricks to entertain the little prince so I better get on with it. I will be able to post everyday from now on as long as he can give me a few minutes away!! :)