Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy day

Okay, what a great day! This morning we went to huge park. Jude went fishing for the first time and caught a goldfish. He wasn't really sure if he liked that or not! There was a big lake at the park and some paddle boats, but he is too unpredictable for that right now. :) I will post a picture of a water attraction, I guess you would say. I don't know what to call it but basically it is a huge clear plastic bubble with a zipped opening. A child gets in and they blow air into it and seal it!!! It floats in the lake with the kid inside!! Can you say "death trap"? That's what Mama called it. Our guide didn't understand why I thought it was so bad. Like sealing your child in plastic and setting them afloat is just a fun day at the park. Uh, okay. Think I'll pass.

But anyway, the park was fun. We saw a puppy and Jude wanted to follow it from a distance. But then the pup (maybe 5 pounds) started to come toward us. Jude completely freaked out and took off running the other direction and screaming. Whipped past me and Grandma, but Grandpa got him. He was beside himself!! This is going to be a problem at home. In case you don't know, Mama has 2 dogs. Definitely need to work on this issue. :) We were very popular at the park. Three times people came up to have their picture taken with me! It is like being a celebrity. But without the $$$$$$.

This afternoon we went to Walmart. It was 3 or 4 stories and jam packed. Our guide said "It isn't very busy today." Imagine the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. Now multiply that by 3. And people stand right up against you. No concept of personal space since there just isn't any space to spare! But Jude got to ride in a cart shaped like a car and he had a blast. He also picked up a couple new toys. ;) We bought 2 carts full of food and stuff and a new copy of the latest Harry Potter book (my ine was in my packpack that was stolen) and it all was only 600 yuan. That is less than $80!!!! And 200 yuan was for the book! (I was only half way through and I need to know how it comes out!) We bought tomato flavoered potato chips, as well as cucumber flavor. But we passed on the Shrimp Flakes.

Jude is simply amazing. He loves to sing and learn new words. He has been refusing to take a nap, although I know he had one every day in the orphanage. Throught the guide, I asked him why he wouldn't nap even though he admits he is tired. He said he is just too excited and happy to sleep! So sweet. And I also asked why he seems afraid of Grandpa. He said he was afraid of his beard! Apparently beards are very uncommon in CHina. So when we got back to the hotel, Grandpa promptly shaved it all off and let Jude feel his smooth face. :)

Jude also told our driver today that he loves us all very much! He is so cute!! Always gives mama a drink from his water bottle and tries to feed me. He eats and eats and eats! He will try most anything and he makes the funniest face when he hates something, such as honey. He is a joy. Just a joy. :) Oh, I think they are closing the computer room so I will post pix in the am.