Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Waiting and waiting and waiting.

The waiting continues. This is day 54 into the official wait for the LOA (letter of acceptance) from the Chinese govt. Meanwhile, I am working on Jude's room, sorting a TON of clothes my SIL gave me (Thank you Valerie!). The mural in his bedroom is coming along nicely. I am also working on a scrapbook about the whole process. Anything to leep busy. I do watch the blogs from the agency (Harrah's) like hawk to keep in the loop. There are so many awesome families waiting for their peapods ,as well. Next week I will be helping with VBS at my church and looking forward to be around all the kiddos as it does seem to sooth my soul. Keep sending up those prayers folks!! Oh, and I did get a short message from the head nanny at his orphanage yesterday saying he is well and just waiting for me. :)