Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All quiet at the Alexander Ranch

First, let me say that I am really glad to be home. Secondly, Wow is it different now that Jude is home!!! I have lived alone for 10years. Just me and the dogs. Man, are those days over! I have my shower time down to less than 90 seconds. Forget makeup. While Jude is asleep I am always torn wheter to read or clean or sleep or just enjoy the peace. But we are having a blast! He has some sleep issues and a pretty hard core tantrum at least daily, but things get better each day. I know it has to be really scary and frustrating for him. Everything is new to him. EVERYTHING! Tonight he actually played with his bath toys and wanted to stay in the tub for a bit. He was used to only showers at the orphanage and certainly not all the fru fru bath stuff that Mama has for him. :) He eats a lot so hopefully he will put some weight on that tiny body soon. He still isn't sure if he loves or hates Cookie the Chihuahua, but it is improving. We still go over the concept of "gentle" quite often. Lambert still is staying at my friend Kim's house, but I miss him terribly. I have been talking about him a lot to Jude and showing his picture, but it is likely gonna be a pretty ugly homecoming for ole Lamby. But I think tomorrow will be the day and we will just get it over with. Full steam ahead!!! Tomorrow Jude has his first appt with the doctor for a well child exam. I hope that goes well. And his cousin Ian is coming to stay for a few days as well. Ian is 8 and Jude is so like him in personality. I am hoping Ian will be a good influence. (My family will laugh out loud when they read that!) Today we only ventured out for a very short wlak and that was fine. (We didn't see any dogs or cats.) The only other place we have gone is Walmart. After a while Jude was crabby and yelling he was tired. Well, duh, Cara!! Isn't that everyone's reaction to a trip to the Walmart? :)