Saturday, August 4, 2007

Leaving Beijing!

Awesome awesome awesome time here in Beijing. Yesterday we climbed the Great Wall!!!! Man, was it hot. But awesome!!!! We also visited the Summer Palace and walked the longest corridor in the world. (My feet can attest to that!) We learned how cloisonne is made and toured a jade factory. The food is excellent. We had Peking Duck last night. Tons of construction everywhere to get ready for the Olmpics next summer. The CHinese people are very friendly and surprised when I smile and speak to them on the street. Hey, folks, I gotta be me!! Never met a stranger, even in China! :) Flying to Jude's province, Liaoning, this morning. We will likely not see many Americans there. All ready I am a novelty it seems, lots of looks and one lady wanted her picture with me!! We are all so happy to be here and cannot wait to get Jude tomorrow! Time to go check out. Missing home a bit already. (Again, please kiss my puppies for me!)

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