Friday, August 3, 2007


Greetings from Beijing! After a loooong flight, or actually several flights, we made it. Didn't get to bed til midnight last night, but up early today to go to the Fobidden City and Tianamen Square. Then we an awesome lunch at a local woman's home and had a rick shaw tour around a residential area. We also visited a silk factory and a Chinese Wellness Clinic. Oh and a Governement Tea house where we tried 5 types of tea, all delicious. We had supper at a local place with our guide, Jenny. Very interesting!!! The best dish was raw julienned potato in garlic. The food is just amazing and of course nothing like the Chinese food back home. So far no one has gotten a sicky tummy, but we a re taking pepto and tums just in case. I had some locally brewed beer today that was lovely. :) We also each had a foot massage this evening!! So nice after running around for 2 days. Having a great time, but anxiuos to get my boy already. That will happen on Monday. Tomorrow we will see the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. (I will try not fall off of it!) Off to bed now. Missing everyone already and especially my puppy dogs. (Please hug Lamby and Cookie for me!) Will try to post pictures tomorrow.Nighty, night! :)

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