Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodbye Shenyang.

We are just about to leave for the airport. We are flying to Guangzhou, which is our last stop in China! We are staying the Victory Hotel and a lot of American families stay there. I hope to meet up with some folks I have met through online groups and out adoption agency. We will really miss Shenyang and our guide, Sarah. Traders Hotel has been excellent and the staff has treated us like royalty. We had a blast shopping all around the neighborhood. We discovered yesterday that Walmart in only 2 blocks away from the hotel! Don't ask why we didn't realize this sooner!! Silly Americans. :)

Yesterday Jude got a present form Grandpa. A harmonica!!! He loves it. I mean loves it! He thanked Grandpa (Lao Ye) about 5 times and even bowed to him. Then he played and danced around. It is his favorite toy so far. And now Grandpa is his buddy.

We also went to an underground shopping mall yesterday. It is just as big as the mall at home but the halls are very narrow and the shops are tiny. In the center is a food court. Very cool. Mama can't really shop much for clothes though. My size here is 2XL. Not great for the ego! :) I have lost a few pounds here in China (probaly from sweating all the time) but I can't buy any cute pants in my size!! I am like an amazon woman here. I did find a swimsuit today at Walmart and I had to indicate to the clerk that needed a "big" one. She nodded and found an XL. Pretty funny, huh?

Better go catch up with Jude and the folks. I will post next from Guangzhou!

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