Friday, August 10, 2007

We got the passport!

Tonight we were able to get Jude's passport! Our guide, Sarah, spent much of the day back in Jude's hometown of Anshan at the police station trying to get the passport finished. We needed it by Tuesday so we can leave this province. So we are ahead of schedule!! That means a nice relaxing weekend of leisure with no worries of a beauacart nature. Tomorrow we are going to visit a park so Jude can spend some of his endless energy supply. Then we get to go to the Walmart!!! I am so excited to see how it is different from. I bet one thing will be exactly the same: I will spend too much! Jude is fast asleep so I can enjoy some computer time. He was so exhausted that he went to sleep in about 30 seconds tonight. He doesn't want to miss a thing so he really fights sleep. But if you can get him to hold still for just a minute, he's a goner. Sleeps from around 7pm or so til around 3am usually. Then off and on til 5am. That's in my vasr experience of 5 days being his mother! :) He eats and eats and eats. I don't know where he puts it all because he is tiny. My fingers can fit around his upper arm with no problem!! He weighs 40 pounds. One strange thing (forgive me if I already told this) is that he loves to wash his hair. Maybe 5 times a day!! Even if it is just with water. Loves it!! OK, something seems to be biting me in this computer room (no doubt because I am so sweet ;) so I'll sign off now. Gotta get some sleep cause 3am comes pretty quickly these days!

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